Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament

Smythe Park Lake 9:00 am to 11:00 am

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Please arrive between 8:00 and 8:30am and check in.

4.            Fishing will commence at 9:00am with the sound of one blast of an air horn from the dock on the island. Lines up at 11:00 am with the sound of three blasts of the air horn, after which all participants are asked to gather back on the island for the Awards Ceremony and refreshments.

5.            There are three eligible species: Largemouth Bass, Panfish, and Mullet. Other species caught will count as “Mystery Fish”. ALL FISH MUST BE RETURNED TO THE LAKE ALIVE- STRICTLY CATCH AND RELEASE!

All fish caught must be measured to the quarter-inch using the DNR ruler supplied in the Tournament Kit and recorded in inches and fractional inches on the Tournament Score Card and released alive. If a participant thinks that his/her fish may qualify for the largest fish in any category, it should be photographed against the ruler using a digital camera and available for review in case of dispute. Any tagged Largemouth Bass caught must be shown to a Tournament Associate before release and recorded as a tagged bass on the score sheet. Tournament score cards must be signed by the Supervising Adult and returned to the Registration Table after lines- up. All decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final.

8.            Participants are asked to clean up after themselves and to use the trash cans located throughout the area. Need help? Have a Question?

There will be volunteers from the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club on site, wearing club hats for identification. Please ask them if you need assistance or someone with a camera to take a photo of a fish caught. If during the Tournament, you have a question or an emergency, please call Fred Danziger, Tournament Committee Chairman on his cell phone at: 516-524-2208. He will be on-site.